"I am most passionate about making a difference in people's lives"
Sakshi Bakshi



“My vision is to create a world where nobody will have to compromise with taste inorder to achieve their health goals. Nucros’ mission is to provide complete convenience and deliver nutrient-calculated and macros-calculated tasty and healthy meals on a subscription basis directly at your doorsteps,”

Nucros helps improve people’s lifestyle for a lifetime. It allows them to develop better eating habits, enhancing both their physical and mental health. They become more confident about their body image and themselves. It also helps reverse chronic health conditions, including diabetes, PCOS, etc., and minimises adverse effects like the risk of heart disease, cancer, etc., by using natural ingredients instead of medicines,” says Sakshi.

Author of 21 Secrets to Diabetes Reversal

Sakshi Bakshi is also the author of the book- 21 Secrets to Diabetes Reversal where she discloses tips, recipes and a complete plan to reverse diabetes naturally.

"India is the diabetic capital of the world and unfortunately, most people are unaware that Type 2 diabetes is reversible and they continues to treat diabetes with medication. With this book, I aim to help friends and families of diabetics by making them understand about how to correct lifestyle habits and to follow a meal plan to reverse diabetes in a short span of time." - Sakshi Bakshi

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  • For every meal delivered, we donate 1 meal to the needy and underprivileged.
  • Nucros runs several community initiatives including providing nutritious meals to the surrogates,and to kids who are undernourished.
  • In the pandemic, Nucros organized mass meal distribution drives in select parts of Delhi NCR

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